Worst Adult Halloween Costumes for 2018: Marvel, Overwatch & Fortnite Costumes


With Halloween quickly approaching, “adults” nation-wide will be dressing up in everything like Top Gun Halloween characters to Lara Croft Tomb Raider Halloween costumes. Far from the times of cheerful trick-or-treating, it’s not uncommon to see men pretending to be bad ass action characters and women in the skimpiest outfits that are only socially acceptable during Halloween. I like Marvel movies and video games as much as the next guy but this is getting out of hand.

Recently, adults have deemed it acceptable to start dressing up as comic book or even video game characters. With the rise of in popularity of comic books and video games, seeing adults pretend to be these characters isn’t uncommon in places like comic-con, which is called cosplay. Don’t get me wrong, these costumes can be pulled off. This list however, consists of Marvel, Overwatch and Fortnite related worst adult Halloween costumes of 2018.

Marvel Halloween Costumes for Adults


Dressing up as a comic book character can be pulled off. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. With the continual increase in Marvel popularity from films like Avengers: Infinity War, every average-Joe thinks they will suddenly look like Thor if they put on a red cap. God forbid they try to pull off a skintight costume like Spider-Man. Not to mention, the last thing we need is another Thanos reference to turn into yet another Thanos meme.

Overwatch Halloween Costumes for Adults


If you’re unaware of what Overwatch is, imagine the obsession Fortnite has and double that. Other than League of Legends, Overwatch is the game played by nearly every kid who claims eSports are the future of professional sports. So it’s not hard to image the type of adult that would dress up as an Overwatch character for their Halloween costume. I’ve seen some of the Overwatch cosplay and I have to admit, there is definitely some dedication there. I don’t care if Halloween is a time to dress up though; it’s still not a time to show off how much you love a certain video game to the entire world.

Fortnite Halloween Costumes for Adults


Unlike Overwatch, everyone is aware of how what Fortnite is. Every “normie” now knows about video game streaming because of Fortnite and guys like Ninja. That being said, most people will have no clue about a random skin an adult dresses up as for Halloween. In fact, a lot of popular Fortnite skins are based off characters from other things like John Wick and Kill Bill. Honestly, if you dress up as the Skull Trooper, I will definitely think you are wearing the skeleton Halloween costume Johnny wore in the Karate Kid; which would be way cooler.

Final words of advise: as an adult, it is totally ok to enjoy Marvel movies and video games. Hell, our entire millennial generation grew up on the stuff. Choosing to dress up as a character from these things as adult however, is not as cool. I’ve seen a few people be able to pull off these costumes in places specific for celebrating these things but I promise; you won’t look as cool as you think you will. 


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