Will a Meteor Destroy Tilted Towers Today?

If you are like nearly every other gamer right now, you have been playing Fortnite with terrifying passion. The game is known for the craziness they offer players so why wouldn’t there be a meteor coming to destroy the most popular location on the map? Now that the foretold day of destruction is here, Fortnite fans everywhere are lining up like the people outside the UFO crash site in Arrival, left wondering, will a meteor destroy Tilted Towers today?

It all began with a mysterious object flying through the sky. As people started to take notice, it was clear the UFO was slowly moving. The game even installed telescopes on top of a few mountain peaks to watch. Of course, it didn’t take long for the gaming community to create a conspiracy for the occurrence. The conspiracy started like all others nowadays, by a Reddit user with overly convincing proof for a wild allegation. So, here’s how it goes: Tim Sweeny, founder of Epic Games, created his first game in 1991, ZZT. In the game, a city gets randomly hit by a meteor. Fortunately for the people of 1991 there wasn’t a Reddit for players to discuss their crazy conspiracies for why it happened; they just had to accept it with confusion and continue to live their lives. We don’t live in 1991.

In the game there is an odd scene where a city gets hit by a meteor. It had no context in the game but this was before the internet exploded so there were no forums for people to try and figure it out.

Later, Sweeny merged Epic Games with a Polish company. As the Fortnite map looks eerily similar to Poland, this is considered to be a possible explanation for the design. Cities within the two maps even line up. Warsaw, considered to be the largest shopping center in Middle Europe, lines up perfectly with Retail Row in Fortnite. Haunted Hills, a graveyard location in Fortnite, lines up with the Polish ghost town that has been turn into a graveyard for the many people who died in WWII. The Polish company Epic Games partnered with is in the most densely populated city of Poland, Poznań. On the edge of Poznań, a meteor once hit in a place now called the Morasko Meteorite Reserve. Guess what location on the Fortnite map Poznań lines up with? You guessed it, Tilted Towers.

If you play Fortnite on a console like PS4 or Xbox, you may have felt the mysterious vibrations randomly occur in your controller when playing. Since people are insane, someone translated the vibrations to Morse code. There are four different vibration patterns that occur. Translated into Morse code, the patters look like this:

The first code occurs in daylight, second at night, third when you are in the storm and fourth when gliding down the map. Together, the codes translate to: SOS D 5 418. SOS; as we all know, translates to Save Our Souls, a message for help. D5 conveniently lines up on the map with Tilted Towers and 418 is considered to represent a date. SOS, Tilted Towers, 418. A majority of the conspiracy supporters originally believed the meteor would be hitting 4/1/2018, April Fool’s Day. Although that would have been a fairly great prank, the meteor didn’t hit and everyone moved on to the next date, 4/18. If you ask me 4/18 makes a lot more sense for the numbers 418 then 4/1/2018 ever did anyway.

So, here we are on April 14th, 2018; the day of destruction foretold in the holy script of Reddit by user aleccc15 the wise. Where is the meteor though, and why is Titled Towers still standing? Most believe it will definitely still happen today, they are just waiting till later, perhaps when a majority of people will be on to witness the devastation first hand. With every passing minute however, fans grow increasingly worried. They cannot be made to look like fools a second time by Fortnite. Or, maybe it is all just a crazy conspiracy and there was never going to be a meteor. I mean, we all thought we were going to find out Rey’s parents had a huge importance on the story line because of Reddit users overanalyzing a trailer.

I truly hope a meteor destroys Titled today. I want the conspiracy to be true and I think the game would actually be a lot more fun without it. That being said, it would be hilarious if it didn’t happen and the Fortnite conspiracy gang goes insane. Whatever happens today, it is fair to say the Fortnite obsession is scary strong.


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