Video Game Tester – A Dream Job

Personally, I think there are few jobs I would rather do than test video games. It’s one of those dream jobs a lot of guy’s fantasies about getting paid to do like being a musician or driving a race car. Thankfully, we’ve had movies like Grandma’s Boy or Talladega Knights to live vicariously through because as I mentioned, it’s just a dream job.


Dreams are just dreams for a reason, they aren’t reality. Sure, it would be cool to get paid for a hobby most of us already have but actually getting a job like that isn’t realistic. Obviously we all know that type of work has to be out there but the odds of an average guy finding that work seems unlikely. I don’t know about you but practically every time I have watched Grandma’s Boy I have wondered;

“How in the hell did this normal guy get a sweet job like being a video game tester?”

If you have wondered this, you’re not alone. On average, 4,400 people search this very thing every single month. This may come as a surprise but the option to be a video game tester is out there and it’s surprisingly accessible for anyone.

With the video game industry constantly booming, companies need customer feedback more than every prior to an expensive launch. Gaming Jobs Online has been in business since 2008 (which is surprisingly old for the video game industry) and they help normal people who enjoy video games, get paid while they play.

It may seem farfetched or too complicated but it really couldn’t be simpler. The video games you play need people to test them. Why not get paid to “test” the game you’re already playing before it is even released? Try it out for a while and see how you enjoy a second income for playing games, or even full-time. If you’re interested, Click Here!


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