Call of Duty Blackout Beta Review: Streamers Opinion


Although every Call of Duty game is fairly hyped up for a new release, the main reason for so much anticipation behind Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is their new Battle Royal mode. Feeding off the historic popularity within the video game industry from Fortnite, game publisher and developer Activision and Treyarch, decided to take a crack at the popular Battle Royal mode with what they call, Blackout. With only a month away from the official release, I have broken down what some streamers and video game reviewers are saying about the Call of Duty Blackout Beta review.

Call of Duty Blackout Beta Good Review

One of the most popular streamers, DrDisrepsect, had nothing but respect and great things to say about the new Call of Duty Blackout Beta. On his September 11th stream displaying his first exposure to the new game mode, Doc raves about how great it is and can’t seem to hold back his excitement by stating;

“Oh man, I got to hold on before I jump into this next game because I love this game. I love it man, I love it. Love it Treyarch, love it.”

Blackout vs Fortnite

YouTuber Birdman however, had a few different things to say. As a Call of Duty critic, Birdman has given his fair share of inconvenient truths to the COD franchise but actually praised the new Blackout mode for “turning out pretty well” and also that they did a better job with their battle royal mode than multiplayer. This may not sound like much praise but to most Birdman fans, this was essentially a stamp of approval. He also addressed the comparisons between Blackout and Fortnite however by mentioning;

“Anyone telling you that this game is going to be the Fortnite killer is straight up delusional and that has nothing to do with how good this game is. As I said, I think they did a good job. However, Fortnite is a very unique battle royal experience because of the building element of it. Whereas, Blackout is basically your typical battle royal. It’s very comparable to PUBG and games like that. Honestly, if this is going to kill anything, it might kill PUBG.”

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