List of the Worst Bosses in The Office from Dunder Mifflin/Sabre


The Office was a beloved show that will likely go down as one of the most successful as well as funniest of all time. When thinking about some of the best comedy shows of all time, there were wonderfully memorable bosses that played excellent roles such as Sam Malone in Cheers or J. Peterman in Seinfeld. With a show that revolves around a small business however, The Office was filled to the brim with quirky and memorable bosses. Unfortunately, there were a few bosses that we all wish we could forget. Here is the definitive list of the worst bosses in The Office from Dunder Mifflin/Sabre.

Charles Miner

This one should be obvious. Charles Miner was introduced in Episode 12 of Season 5, New Boss, as the new Vice President of the Northeast Region for Dunder Mifflin to replace Ryan Howard. Due to being played by such an excellent actor like Idris Elba, it came as a bit of a surprise just how easy it was to hate Charles Miner. Michael apparently hit it off with Charles when they first met but based on their relationship immediately after, it was hard to image. I guess Charles initially used the ass-kissing technique we saw him use on David Wallace.

Although his disdain towards Jim was annoying enough, the reason Charles was such a bad boss was because he pushes out Michael Scott with his dismissive attitude. This decision inevitably forced Dunder Mifflin to offer $60,000 in order to buyout the Michael Scott Paper Company that was “bleeding” their best branch. Fans of The Office were able to finally rejoice when Michael Scott forced Charles Miner to leaver Scranton for good with his perfectly vengeful line, “Nope, you’re done.” Easily the most satisfying Idris Elba exit from a show since The Wire.


If you thought this list would be limited to Scranton, you underestimated Dunder Mifflin’s ability to hire terrible bosses as well as my love for The Office. Craig Anton was the Regional Manager of the Albany Branch for Dunder Mifflin. Although seldom seen, “Craiggers” appears to have had a good relationship with Michael based on their banter in Episode 16 of Season 2, Valentine’s Day, Craig’s only appearance.

Similar to Todd Packer, Craiggers appears to be one of the party animals of Dunder Mifflin as he has apparently been, “kicked out of every strip club in Albany.” Although Craig seems like a fun and easy-going guy, he appears to be a pretty bad boss based on the little we saw from him. Jan told him to fire four people which he bragged about purposefully ignore. He even got Michael in some hot water when he spilled the beans about him sleeping with Jan. The outcome of Craig’s career with Dunder Miffle is unsure but it can be assumed he was fired since a person named Jeff was invited from the Albany branch to Ryan’s regional manager retreat in Episode 11 of Season 4, Survivor Man, instead of Craiggers.

Deangelo Vickers

With an actor like Will Ferrell joining Steve Carell in such a great show like The Office, one would expect an amazing outcome. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Deangelo Vickers enters The Office in Episode 20 of Season 7, Training Day, as Michael Scott’s replacement for regional manager of the Scranton branch when Michael decides to move to Colorado. Initially the childish relationship between Deangelo and Michael lead the audience to believe this might be the perfect replacement for Steve Carell.

Although it originally appeared like Deangelo would be a pretty fun boss, it quickly becomes disastrous from his inner circle that is essentially comprised of bros he can chill with. The worst part of this inner circle is that he had the audacity of including Gabe. I mean, what kind of character judgement does a guy that includes Gabe have? After suffering from a nerf basketball injury, Deangelo is sent to the hospital, never to be seen again. Although we never got to see what happened to Deangelo, his horrible fate is quickly mentioned when Jo claims he was, “the second idiot to dunk himself to death.”


You probably don’t remember Meredith Palmer as the regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch and that’s because she technically wasn’t. With orders from Michael Scott however, Meredith quickly acted as the regional manager in Episode 5 of Season 7, The Sting. She did this in an attempt to learn the sales tactics of Danny Cordray, played by Timothy Olyphant, who worked as a successful salesman for the competing Osprey Paper. Due to Michael, Jim and Dwight failing to land a sale against Danny, the three resorted to conducting a sting operation which unfortunately included Meredith.

Meredith quickly proved she would be possibly the worst boss for Dunder Mifflin imaginable as she attempted to seduce Danny rather than stick to the plan of learning his sales tactics. Due to Meredith’s failure, Michael was forced to offer Danny a job as a traveling salesman instead. Although Danny Cordray is seldom seen again, he inevitably won the Dundie for Hottest in the Office and Meredith went down as the shortest, and possibly worst boss at Dunder Mifflin.

Robert California

Whether you call him Robert California, Bob Kazamakis, RC or the Lizard King, James Spader played one of the worst TV characters in The Office. First introduced in Episode 25/26 of Season 7, Search Committee. Robert California was awarded the job of branch manager at Scranton but when he arrived at the office in the opening episode of Season 8, he “took one look around” and convinced the CEO Jo Bennett to leave her position and give him the role as CEO of Sabre.

With Andy as the appointed branch manager of Scranton, Robert continued to regularly creep out not only the Scranton employees but the audience of The Office as well, with his mysterious disposition and overtly sexual innuendos. Upon his long-awaited demise that entailed David Wallace announcing the liquidation of Sabre, Robert California, or Bob Kazamakis I guess, quickly convinced David Wallace to match his funds for a three-year escapade that allowed Robert to travel the world in order to mentor young female gymnasts. Robert California left The Office just as disturbingly as he came but unfortunately didn’t leave soon enough.

Nellie Bertram

Of all the dislikable characters from The Office, Nellie Bertram was easily the worst. Played by Catherine Tate, Nellie was first introduced as Jo Bennet’s acquaintance when applying for the job of regional manager at the Scranton branch in Episode 25/26 of Season 7, Search Committee. Being impressively unqualified for the job, she suggested things like removing all titles in the office, only to immediately change her mind and state that there should be more titles. She also recommended a “Zen” office that has no desks and has a masseuse named Sockee. After obviously being passed over for essentially anyone else, she later became the regional manager of Scranton by simply claiming the title when Andy was away in Florida.

When she finally loses the job she was never actually given due to David Wallace purchasing Dunder Mifflin from Sabre, she successfully begged Andy to keep her on as a special projects manager where she just, “goes around doing whatever she wants.” Regrettably, Nellie lasted until the show’s finale and was the quintessential example of how far The Office was able to fall without Michael Scott. If there is ever a spinoff, let’s all just prey Nellie isn’t part of it.

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