Most Annoying TV Characters: Why They Are the Worst TV Characters 


Walter White, Breaking Bad

One of the most beloved characters from one of the most popular shows and I think he is one of the worst TV characters of all time. He was the type of guy that was pushed around his whole life so when he discovered he was going to die he said, fuck it, and decided to live a little on the edge. He didn’t really start cooking one of the most deadly drugs in the world out of necessity as you might have believed either; he clearly did it because he enjoyed pretending to be a bad ass.

To make matters worse, he blamed his insufferable passion of cooking meth on his family. One of his most beloved lines, “I’m the one knocking,” almost made me sick to my stomach. The dude is a fraud gangster. He’s a damn chemist that isn’t knocking on anyone’s doors with a gun in hand. He’s the one locked in a basement in a lab suit cooking meth for a real gangster like a slave.

Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

For a show that is completely narrated by one guy’s past, he is the absolute worst. First of all, you are telling your children about how you met their mother, not how you lived throughout your mid-20s to mid-30s. Also, was including all of your sexual conquest beforehand really necessary?

Furthermore, Ted was easily the most annoying TV character of his group. He was actually known as the guy that would continuously correct people’s grammar while relentlessly complaining about his hopeless love life even though he would dump great woman for shallow reasons. He was somehow harder to root for than the guy that was specifically written to be a complete womanizing douchebag.

Skyler White, Breaking Bad

If there was one character worse than Walter in Breaking Bad, it was his wife Skyler. She is every man’s nightmare of a wife.  Skyler constantly complains about finances, regardless of her inability to maintain the same job throughout the show, and displays absolutely no appreciation or affection towards her husband. I would even go as far as saying she is mentally and verbally abusive to her husband and a manipulative sociopath.

Even when she learns of Walter’s illegal activity and has a valid reason to be upset, she kicks Walter out of the house, has an affair with her boss and helps him cook his books, which is an illegal activity. To make matters worse, she ends up giving her boss over half a million dollars in cash that she stole from her husband who earned it through his illegal activities, which she just absolutely wouldn’t condone. So much for her perceived moral high ground I suppose.

Mark Brendanawicz, Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation came out four years after The Office and seemed like somewhat of a copy. Most of us didn’t actually seem mind as long as it was good. Thankfully, Parks and Rec was great. It delivered excellent character alternatives to The Office like Leslie Knope to Michael Scott, Jerry Gergich to Toby Flenderson or Tom Haverford to Ryan Howard. The one place where Parks and Rec failed however was with their attempted Jim alternative, Mark Brendanawicz.

The writers were clearly trying to mimic the easy-going, average guy persona of Jim but ended up with the boring, plain vanilla Mark. On top of that, he was kind of a douchebag. Not only did he have somewhat of a condescending attitude towards his colleagues but he slept with Leslie, didn’t remember, and pursued a woman who was living with her boyfriend.  Thank God he was written-out after the first season and replaced by the far superior, Ben Wyatt.

Debra Morgan, Dexter

For a show that is centered on the secret life of a serial killer, it’s impressive how his police officer sister is the most hated TV character of that show. The problem with Debra isn’t that she does anything wrong necessarily, just who she is as a person. A foul-mouth, bad ass who is dedicated to the force and busting criminals sounds like an awesome character. Unfortunately, she comes off as just whiney and annoying.

She is constantly complaining about her daddy issues and how he didn’t give her enough attention while dating the worst people imaginable. She is also one of the most oblivious people you can image which is extremely ironic because she is supposed to be a detective.

Andrea Harrison, The Walking Dead

Trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world gives pretty much any TV character a little emotional wiggle-room. Andrea’s depression and suicidal thoughts in season 1 weren’t even an issue with her character in my opinion. What made Andrea one of the most annoying TV characters was the constant whining after she wasn’t able to kill herself.

I absolutely do not condone killing yourself but why did she have to be so angry towards the guy who saved her when she was more than capable of finishing the job at any point after? Also, her constant need to prove her worth as a bad ass became so annoying that I wish she would have just stayed in the CDC in season 1. From what I understand, her character got better in later seasons and good for those who continued watching but man did that show drop off.

Ross Geller, Friends

Friends was an iconic sitcom for most people of the ‘90s and even rewatchable today. Anyone that has watched enough Friends hopefully noticed how Ross was the absolute worst character. He was essentially what created Ted, From How I Met Your Mother, but worse.

Like Ted, Ross loved correcting people but he did it in the most arrogant way possible, such as yelling the correct grammar and spelling in other character’s faces. He was just as selfish as he was arrogant and thought it was OK for him to sleep with other people during a break but not the other way around. Worst of all, he created a hate club for Rachel, a younger girl he liked in high school, simply because she didn’t like him back. That is actually psychotic.

Fiona Gallagher, Shameless

What started as easily the best character of the show, Fiona quickly became the worst TV character of Shameless. She initially was impressively hardworking and responsible for her age and admirable for her ability to do whatever it took to take care of her family as well as her tenacity. She was so great in fact; I wanted her to run away with Jimmy and finally enjoy something for herself for once.

Unfortunately, her character took an unexpected turn and she quickly became the most annoying character in a show full of degenerates. She became weirdly selfish, irresponsible and totally self-destructive. It was like the writers decided to take the best character and completely flip her best qualities to make her more hateable (imagine evil Superman). While she may not be the absolute most annoying TV character of all time, Fiona Gallagher took the biggest negative turn.

Randy Pearson, That ’70s Show

After 8 great seasons of That ‘70s Show, actor Topher Grace wanted to move on with his career, so his character Eric was written off. Usually when a show has to write off essentially the main character, it is probably an indication that it’s time to hang up the hat. What did That ‘70s Show do instead? Attempt to replace him with a vastly inferior version.

Ironically, Randy was everything Eric was not. He was handsome, cool and a genuinely good guy. He was basically the guy everyone hates because they aren’t him but doesn’t want to admit it because they will seem shallow. Eric was a great character because his awkwardness and struggle to impress his father was relatable to the audience. When That ‘70s Show decided to replace a fan-favorite with a flawless alternative, the audience tuned off quicker than the Sheenless-Two and a Half Men.

Phyllis Vance, The Office

Phyllis enters The Office as a soft spoken, mother-like figure who anyone could enjoy. Then, it seemed like the writers wanted to give her more of a personality and character development. Unfortunately, they developed Phyllis into a bossy, self-entitled ass hole. Once she married a guy who owned a refrigeration company, she constantly reminded everyone of how important her last name was in the community, alluding to her power and wealth.

Phyllis became overly passive aggressive in her tone as well, with phrases like, “close your mouth sweetie, you look like a trout,” to someone who thought they were friends, or, “you have a lot to learn about this town sweetie,” when someone simply didn’t know who her husband was. She blackmails to get what she wants and holds surprisingly vicious resentment towards those in her way. A once cheerful character, Phyllis became the most annoying TV character in The Office through her own vindictive behavior.


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