Bungie Teases Destiny 2 Expansion


While Fortnite may be the most popular game right now, Destiny fans still have a lot to enjoy. Bungie held a live Twitch stream to tease fans with some of the new features, storyline and many other changes coming to Destiny 2. Bungie is expected to release the Warmind expansion on May 8, which will take new characters back to Mars on new missions.

Obviously, from the drawbacks and criticism of the first Destiny game, which were said to lack a proper story for the video game, Bungie came up with another sequel to it. Luckily, this sequel is much more praised by the critics for having a more robust story and an actual villain in the game which adds on to its popularity. Bungie’s Destiny 2 is one of the most popular online only multiplayer foremost shooter video game which was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and for Microsoft Windows.

New Games

The story is setup on a semi science fictional world and the concept here is to enact the role play as the guardians of the planet to protect it from the alien attacks. Well, we hardly tend to manage ourselves but everybody pretends to be a Hero and protectors in an imaginary world. Not everyone can be a superman in real life! But it’s a game, and what’s wrong in assuming to be one. Same as the original series Destiny 2 is divided into player Vs Environment and Player Vs Player game types as an addition to normal story missions.

Another additional feature to this version of the video game is that it allows the gamer to search and choose the other opponent as the striker or the raider from the available clans. This is unlike the older version, where the match making of the multiplayer’s was done by the software itself. Technically, gets an addition points and rewards on the completion of the mission which help’s the character to enhance their level in the video game.

New Additions

If you were unable to watch the Twitch live stream, fear not, Bungie has released plenty of screenshots. They show off all new weaponry and armor pieces. They are also returning a few popular items from the original Destiny game, such as the Suros Regime auto rife, the Eternal Warrior Titan helmet and the Claws of Ahamkara Warlock gantlets.  Bungie is also including a new game more called Escalation Protocol. This game is essentially a horde mode that becomes increasingly difficult as more and more waves of hive enemies attack you. This game mode is not set on a timer and as long as it is running, it is open to the public and anyone can join. While frustratingly difficult, it does reward unique armor sets and unique weapons.


The success of this DLC expansion will be very important for the future of this young franchise. Destiny 2 has had their share of difficulties lately as well as having to compete with Fortnite, like every other game. There’s no doubt Epic Games has changed the landscape of video games with Fortnite by constantly proving they are listening to what the fans want by changing the game for the better. Let’s just hope Bungie is listening and is able to change Destiny 2 for the better.


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