Alternative Blog Sites Similar to Barstool Sports

There’s no question, Barstool Sports has done what every millennial sports lover dreams of doing. They started a small sports blog and turned it into one of the most socially engaged sports sites on the internet. In only 11 years of operation, they are now valued at over $100 million.

Barstool Sports has started somewhat of a millennial-sports revolution. By utilizing the channel millennials grew up on, the internet, Barstool offered their young audience the satirical and abrasive content they were so eager to consume. This isn’t your Dad’s sport platform like ESPN either. This is a t-shirt wearing, loudly opinionated, abrasive, politically incorrect sports site.

While, what Barstool Sports has built is obviously impressive and enjoyed by millions, it’s mistakenly thought of as a diamond in the rough by the audience for that specific style of internet content. Fortunately, there are a few similar sites that most Barstool Sports fans would definitely enjoy but may not know about. Obviously, my first suggestion for a great alternative blog site to Barstool would be this site. From sports, food, movie review and traveling tips, Chairgatin’ focuses on all aspects of the American Culture with an emphasis on the millennial experience. With Chairgatin’ a side however, here’s the list of alternative blog sites similar to Barstool Sports.


Belly Up Sports

One of the major complaints that the Barstool audience regularly vocalizes is the site’s fairly recent trend of covering pop-culture. It’s not rare to see a comment like, “Barstool SPORTS,” on any piece of content relating to practically any topic other than sports. If you’re like one of those people, Belly Up Sports might be your answer.

A new site on the scene of sports blogging, Belly Up uses a model similar to Barstool. With a combination of satire and strong opinions, Belly Up focuses strictly on sports and constantly publishes new, original blogs daily. Boasting a young and emerging team of contributors, Belly Up Sports offers 5 original podcasts about all different sports topics. I highly recommend checking out this site.


Post Grad Problems

If you enjoy what Barstool Sports offers their audience then you have to appreciate what Total Frat Move accomplished. Like MySpace before FaceBook, TFM helped prove there was an increasingly valuable market of millennials seeking satirical and politically incorrect content on the internet.

If you outgrew TFM years ago like so many other millennials after graduation, Post Grad Problems is probably right up your ally. Consisting of the old TFM members, PGB offers similar content that TFM was popularly known for. PGB consists of satirical blogs and podcasts, merchandise and even “The Wall” which is similar to Chive with people posting “post grad problems.” If you miss the humor and entertainment from your college days on TFM, Post Grad Problems will surely fill that void with content suited more for your current lifestyle.


SB Nation

If you’re a sports fan, this site is probably one you’re already fairly familiar with. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best sites on the internet for sports content. Although their were recently some SB Nation layoffs due to their parent company Vox losing 5% of their staff, SB Nation still boasts some of the highest quality sports writers. It may not be as humor-centered as Barstool but they are definitely all about sports.

Probably the best part of SB Nation is their immense list of blogs for specific teams. If you’re a Houston Astros fan you have The Crawfish Boxes or if you’re an Alabama fan, they offer Roll ‘Bama Roll. Seriously, they have a specific blog for every team with a fan base. My personal favorite however is Every Day Should be Saturday, which is dedicated to everything college football. If you’re a sports junkie that isn’t concerned with trying to laugh at blogs or pop culture nonsense, SB Nation is perfect.


Outkick the Coverage

This addition to the list may be a bit controversial. Outkick the Coverage is run by Clay Travis, an outspoken conservative sports reporter who has appeared on nearly every major network. Travis has even managed to be banned from CNN and ESPN for his political incorrectness.

Nevertheless, Outkick the Coverage offers politically incorrect sports content that is commonly appreciated at Barstool. This site offers Clay’s radio show, weekly sports picks and even politically-aimed offensive sports merchandise. You may not agree with Clay Travis’ political opinions, which might make this site hard to follow but it’s just abrasive enough for most Barstool fans to appreciate.


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