Week 9 Top 10 Teams by Songs


1. Alabama: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Is there anything more Bama than Lynyrd Fuckin Skynyrd singing sweet home Alabama, waving a confederate flag while drunk southerners yell “Roll Tide”.

2. Penn State: Cabinet – Pennsylvania

Unless you know something I don’t, its a little strange and out of place to hear a bluegrass song about Pennsylvania. Just like it’s a little strange and out of place seeing Penn State at No. 2. Come to think of it, what kind of music is Pennsylvania even known for?

3. Georgia: Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind

It doesn’t matter if you are from Georgia, hearing Georgia On My Mind is always beautiful. You don’t have to be a Georgia fan but seeing them ranked in the top 5 brings back a bit of nostalgia.

4. TCU: George Strait – Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

Nothing represents Texas quite like a little George Straight and at the moment, TCU is the only thing representing Texas football. He begs a good question though, does Fort Worth ever cross any of our minds?

5. Wisconsin: House Of Pain – Jump Around

Since there is no good song actually about the state of Wisconsin, I figured I would give them this little gem since it is the only thing those drunk fans are really known for.

6. Ohio State: Modest Mouse – Ohio

I’m assuming Modest Mouse is from Ohio because I’m not sure why anyone would choose to sing about that state unless they were forced to be from there. Just like the Buckeyes, beloved by the entire state and hated by everyone else.

7. Clemson: Jesse Rice – Damn Good Day

Leave it up to some pop-radio twangy country musician from South Carolina to try and make a name for himself by singing about Clemson once they get good. I still prefer Hootie in Columbia to this shit.

8. Miami: Will Smith – Miami

A song about a rich guy from somewhere else using Miami as a temporary vacation spot for awhile before he returns home. Sounds a lot like the Hurricane fan base come to think of it.

9. Notre Dame: Macklemore – Irish Celebration

While the spirit of the Fightin Irish bleeds Celtic green all over America like it’s Gangs of New York, the actual student body is about as Irish as this white rapper from Seattle.

10. Oklahoma: Merle Haggard – Okie From Muskogee

Oklahoma is about as cool the dad that was the Boy Scout troop leader. Drinks as much as any man should and sure, has indulged in a little reefer, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything much crazier than that. But Oklahoma is OK (pun intended) with that stereotype because life is better out there, right?



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