The Meg Movie Review


If you are even interested in seeing The Meg then you should just go see it. No review will really sway you one way or another. Either you want to see a movie about Jason Statham fighting a giant-prehistoric shark or you don’t. That’s really what it comes down to. Nevertheless, I have plenty to say about this movie so here is my take on The Meg movie review.

As I previously mentioned, The Meg is exactly what you would expect it to be based on the trailer. A team of divers funded by an obnoxious billionaire (Rainn Wilson) discovers that there is an unknown depth of the Marianas Trench that is actually the deepest part of the ocean. Unfortunately, upon exploration the team discovers a megalodon that is trapped within the depth by a thermocline cloud of hydrogen sulfide. The team gets trapped and needs saving. Fortunately, the team leader is a friend of apparently the best rescue diver ever, Jason Statham, and convinces him to rescue the team trapped below.

Annoying Characters

As he heroically rescues the team, the meg is able to escape and rein terror upon the coast of China.
The film is surprisingly entertaining but is littered with annoying characters. Rainn Wilson’s character is annoying and makes you wonder how he could ever possibly become a billionaire. He’s also fairly evil simply for the sake of being an evil rich guy. Ruby Rose’s character is equally annoying in her quest to prove that she is a bad ass. Upon introductions, Statham claims;

“You seem like you might actually know what you’re doing.”

Why? Because she has a bad attitude, greasy hair and a lot of tattoos? What makes her look like she has extensive knowledge of deep sea exploration?

I also couldn’t stand Page Kennedy’s character due to his excessive complaining. He was constantly urging the team to leave and just go to land, which by the way sounds like a much better plan, yet he would always join them in their pursuit of the meg. He wasn’t even able to swim and mentioned how it wasn’t in the job description. Dude, you are working on a deep sea exploration team in the middle of the ocean. It’s not a requirement I guess but if you’re afraid to swim that seems like an odd career choice. In a brilliant voice of reason, the daughter character, played by Shuya Sophia Cai, told him to shut up at one point during his excessive and nervous rambling.


Speaking of quality characters, the young actress, Shuya Sophia Cai, actually had one of the better performances in the film. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Taking place in China, The Meg had plenty of Asian actors so regardless of its success in the US, it’s sure to do well in the increasingly valuable Chinese market, which was surely the plan the whole time.


Per usual, the Chairgatin’ movie review scoring system consist of American flag recliners, which are good for obvious reasons, and fedoras which are bad, also for obvious reasons. 5 recliners represent the best and 5 fedoras represent the worst. I’m awarding The Meg two recliners; an enjoyable enough movie that gives you exactly what you would expect.


Bottom Line

Was The Meg revolutionary? No. It was however, exactly what I expected to see and did just fine as a cheesy action movie. Jason Statham’s character did what he always does and heroically saves the day in a bad ass fashion, regardless of the helpless idiots he’s surrounded by. Like I said at the beginning, if that’s the movie you’re looking for then you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for anything else however then don’t worry about waiting to rent it from home.


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