Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Review


In an era that seems to enjoy splicing the humor of a comedy movie into an action movie while simultaneously creating less and less quality comedies, it seems children movies are what adults are left with for cheap laughs at the theaters. Put simply, if you’re a fan of the Lego movies then you will most likely enjoy Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.

Similar to the Lego movies, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies has a very simple plot with surprising adult humor. It’s mostly about the leader of the Teen Titans superhero group, Robin, and how he wants to escape the shadow of Batman. Even more so, it’s about Robin wanting his own movie because every superhero now seems get their own movie. In that sense, this is the most meta movie I have ever seen. It makes so many self-directed jokes about the culture of superhero movies that you wonder how they legally get away with it. Even some of the music they include makes you curious of the budget.

Teen Titans are part of the DC world of comics so it’s surprising when they constantly make Marvel references. The DC movie even goes as far as making fun of Stan Lee’s cameos he has in every Marvel film. More surprisingly, Stan Lee actually voices himself. How they were able to get the creator of Marvel to appear in a DC film is beyond me but to my knowledge, this might be the first crossover film in the cinematic comic book universe.



Stan Lee wasn’t the only surprise appearance in the film however. While the main cast is comprised of voices you may not have heard before such as Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong and Hynden Walch, the rest of the cast boast big names. Recognizable voices include Kristen Bell, Michael Bolton, Jimmy Kimmel, Patton Oswalt, Will Arnett and even Nicolas Cage as Superman who was supposed to play the character in the 1998 film, Superman Lives.


Per usual, the Chairgatin’ movie review scoring system consist of American flag recliners, which are good for obvious reasons, and fedoras which are bad, also for obvious reasons. 5 recliners represent the best and 5 fedoras represent the worst. I’m awarding Teen Titans Go! To The Movies two and a half recliners; another great kids movie with adult humor.


Bottom Line

While this wasn’t quite as funny as The Lego Batman Movie, the humor was similar. The plot was predictable which made it clear this was a movie made for children, obviously. Yet the jokes were clearly geared towards the adults in the theater. Millennials who grew up with the show, Teen Titans, may be disappointed when they see the animation which was based on the 2013 follow up series, Teen Titans Go! Regardless, this was a funny movie that will be easily enjoyed by a movie goer of any age.


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