Hereditary Movie Review: A Modern Comparison to Everything

Hereditary Is This Generation’s The Exorcist.”

Hereditary’ is the scariest movie you’ll see this summer — maybe ever.”

Hereditary is not your normal horror movie. Prior to seeing the movie, I was immediately hearing comparisons between it and movies like the Exorcist. I heard many claims that it was the scariest movie of this generation. While I do not agree with these claims or comparisons, it was an excellent movie.


Critics were raving about this horror and friends were warning of how terrifying it was. Naturally, I became extremely excited. I love horror movies and think these past few years have been moving the genre in the right direction. Movies like It Follows and The Witch have helped make horror a respectable genre again. Hereditary keeps that artistic aspect of the film while patiently making you uncomfortable. This was not like The Exorcist, Halloween or any of those classic horror movies. This was an extremely slow burn of terror. If you had to make a comparison, Hereditary is most similar to Rosemary’s Baby. They are both films that slowly creep horror into the audience’s mind while not necessarily revealing anything scary until the end.

More Than Just a Horror

Similar to the plot of Rosemary’s Baby, Hereditary is essentially about the occult that is secretly worshiping a demonic idol. Unlike Rosemary’s Baby, Hereditary isn’t confined to the mental instability of just one character but an entire family. Director, Ari Aster, has indicated his intention of creating more of a family drama film, rather than horror, to represent the terror of hereditary mental health problems. One fan theory even explores the idea that there was never actually anything paranormal happening at all but rather the mental instability that was passed on throughout the family which was, in a sense, the evil all along. You’ll have to see the film for yourself to decide that however.

While all of the performances were spectacular in the film, Ari Aster was truly impressive in his directorial debut. With spectacular camera angles that would linger far too long for comfort, Aster slowly builds tension deep in the bones of the audience without a jump scare that would normally release that buildup.


Per usual, the Chairgatin’ movie review scoring system consist of American flag recliners, which are good for obvious reasons, and fedoras which are bad, also for obvious reasons. 5 recliners represent the best and 5 fedoras represent the worst. I’m awarding Hereditary three and a half recliners; a modern Rosemary’s Baby with a horrifying ending.



While it was an excellent story with a terrifying ending, reviews between the audience and critics have been decisive at best. I feel this has to do with the marketing and hype of being a historically terrifying horror movie. In actuality, only the ending was scary and audience members should be prepared for a relatively slow family drama. I would absolutely recommend seeing this movie in theaters and supporting these artistic horror movies.


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