Dude Movie Review: A Generational Travesty


After attempting to watch Dude on Netflix, I decided to start writing movie reviews. I don’t claim to be a professional film critic but I do see a movie in theaters every week and have definitely seen my fair share, good and bad. I also have reviewed a few movies on the Chairgatin’ Podcast that are pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

In the midst of hopelessly scrolling through Netflix for something new to watch with my fiancé she suggested Dude. Although I would usually find a reason to not watch it based on the little preview Netflix offers now, I was feeling extra hopeless that night so I gave in.

Immediately after starting Dude, my fiancé was pleased with knowing a majority of the cast from other shows I don’t care to watch. That should have been my first warning but I wasn’t going to give up that easy. The acting started out subpar at best and thankfully the character I found most annoying was killed off almost immediately. It was a story of four girls in their last year of high school that like to smoke weed and their parents are cool with weed and cigarettes at their house. If your imagination isn’t already tired from that span of disbelief then you have little else to look forward to in terms of a plot.


I should mention that I am not totally against Rom-Coms. There are a few that I thoroughly enjoy such as 500 Days of Summer, Silver Linings Playbook and Chasing Amy. All of those movies have character depth and a story that creates an emotional connection. Unfortunately, Dude had none of which. I usually don’t do this but to be honest I couldn’t even finish this movie. To put it lightly, it was an example of everything older generations feel is wrong about generation Z. The same things the millennial generation is wrongfully accused of. Self-entitled teenagers that are portrayed as superiors to their dysfunctional parents yet have no problem enjoying the luxurious lifestyles they live while projecting some type of moral high ground.

With this new movie review segment of Chairgatin’, I created a new form of rating. An American flag recliner represents good, for obvious reasons. The more American flag recliners the better, five recliners being the best. For a negative review, a movie will receive fedoras, also for obvious reasons. Like the recliners, more fedoras equals a shittier review.


I’m aware I sound like some kind of bitter old man at the ripe age of 26 but hopefully I’m not alone in this way of thinking. After reading only positive reviews for Dude, it truly concerns me that I have completely lost touch with the social norm. I gave Dude another chance and still couldn’t finish it. There is nothing the movie could have done to justify the mediocrity it offered in the first two acts. Hopefully there are others that agree with this review and if so will share their common feelings. If not, I will go back to yelling at kids to get off my lawn on this blog.


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