Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Halloween 2018: Hidden Gems


The Witch

A24 has become the production company that is making a name for themselves for great indie films and The Witch is just further proof of that. A 2015 indie horror movie that went somewhat under the radar from the mass audiences in the theaters, The Witch uses the Puritan setting of New England in the mid-1600s in a perfectly eerie fashion. A true slow-burner, this horror movie will make you earn the Halloween fright this year with truly creepy imagery and believable performances.


It Follows

In 2014, It Follows received raving reviews from passionate horror movie fans that enjoyed the truly horror nostalgia this movie brought back to the genre. With a very strange plot, It Follows delivers great tension purely from a classic horror movie style score. If you’re trying to get something sweeter than candy this Halloween however, maybe try a different horror movie, as this plot won’t help set the right mood.



In an era with so many found footage horror movies, it’s a specific category of the horror genre that has been criminally misused. Thankfully, Creep does this style of film-making justice. A videographer finds himself in a very uncomfortable setting after answering an ad to document a man’s day-to-day. If you’re a fan of the TV show The League, you may look at a certain character different. If you want to be creeped out this Halloween, this movie does its name justice.



Haunted by their past, a brother and sister decide to finally confront the evil that has affected their lives so much. Based on his short film, Oculus was Mike Flanagan’s theatrical debut and managed to deliver horror to the genre without all the cheesiness. If you’re looking for a great horror movie to watch this Halloween but want something a little faster than an indie film, I would highly recommend checking out Oculus.


Gerald’s Game

Now that it finally appears possible to convert a Stephen King novel into a quality horror movie, why wouldn’t Netflix take a swing at it with their own original film? Watching 103 minutes of a woman chained to a bedpost might not sound scary but this horror movie finds a way. Even with such a novel-specific plot like Gerald’s Game, Netflix produced a wonderful hidden gem horror movie for this Halloween.


The Invitation

Like the other indie horror movies on this list, The Invitation is a bit of a slow-burner. Although the real tension doesn’t come until late in the movie, the character development and back stories become increasingly eerie at the dinner party setting. If you want to convince yourself that cults are a real threat this Halloween, give this hidden gem a try.



Although a psychopathic killer attempting to get into a woman’s house may not be the most original plot, Hush throws a massive wrench into the equation, making the tension of this horror movie skyrocket. If you’re looking for a classic slasher horror movie this Halloween on Netflix, I definitely recommend Hush. It is an excellent, modern addition to the genre.


The Ritual

This Netflix horror movie has a wonderfully classic horror setting. A group of friends on a hiking trip through the woods encounter increasingly terrifying occurrences that test the group’s mental stability. In a somewhat blend between The Blair Witch Project and Deliverance, The Ritual is a very well-balance horror movie, perfect for Halloween.


I Am Not A Serial Killer

If you’re looking for a horror movie that’s a bit out-of-the-box, I Am Not A Serial Killer may be you’re answer. You may think you have this film figured out with its straight forward title and obvious characters but it takes a hard turn when you least expect it. It may not be the scariest addition to this list of horror movies but it’s a great movie and easily enjoyed for this Halloween season.


A Dark Song

If you’re afraid of the occult or witchcraft, this movie is right up you’re alley. A Dark Song is the definition of a horror movie slow-burner but it makes the idea of occult activity and witchcraft very believable. This won’t be the best option for a good Halloween jump scare but it is just creepy enough to keep you interested until the terrifying and weird end.


The Void

No Halloween horror movie list would be complete without a monster movie and The Void is that movie, kind of. If you are looking for a horror movie to jump right into the action, The Void doesn’t waste any time with a band of demon-worshiping cult members ascending on a remote hospital. In a survive-at-all-cost style horror movie, this is sure to make your Halloween a little more tense.


The Nightmare

If you tend to think reality is more terrifying than anything a movie can make up, this horror documentary will be perfect. The Nightmare is a documentary that explores sleep paralysis and how it has influenced some of the most iconic horror films and lore throughout human history. If you have never been scared from simply watching a documentary, The Nightmare will help keep you awake all Halloween night.


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