Bad Samaritan Movie Review


If you’re looking for a suspenseful crime drama with an original story then you’re in luck. If you haven’t heard of the new movie, Bad Samaritan, you’re probably not alone. It has seemed to go criminally under the radar but absolutely worth a watch.

Fresh off his disappointing theatrical movie directing debut with Geostorm, Dean Devlin surprised audience members with a thrilling story in Bad Samaritan. It’s about a young valet worker in Portland, Oregon who uses his position to rob his customers houses with their keys while they eat. When he decides to rob the house of a pompous customer, he comes face-to-face with a kidnapped girl, beaten and tied to a chair. For fear of being caught, he is forced to flee the house before he can release the girl and has to figure out a way to save her life.

The story is surprisingly original and keeps you interested throughout with excellent intensity. Lead actor, Robert Sheehan, is a fresh new face to the big screen that plays his role of an underachieving millennial perfectly. An Irish actor I suspect to see more of soon. The standout performance however was by David Tennant from Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Tennant plays a sociopathic serial killer that creates suspense with his mere presence. Although all the performances in the film were excellent, there was unfortunately some wasted time spent building up certain characters that became somewhat meaningless to the main story. Katie Walsh  of the Tribune News Service describes Bad Samaritan by stating;

“The movie is just so crazy, ripping along at a nonstop pace, that you don’t realize until halfway through that it’s actually quite competently made. The filmmaking itself is suspenseful, classic horror filmmaking, with plenty of jump scares and ominous camera movements. But where the film succeeds most is in its realistic use of technology in our everyday lives.”

Per usual, the Chairgatin’ movie review scoring system consist of American flag recliners, which are good for obvious reasons, and fedoras which are bad, also for obvious reasons. 5 recliners represent the best and 5 fedoras represent the worst. I’m awarding Bad Samaritan three and a half recliners; a surprisingly enjoyable movie.


Although it hasn’t received much notoriety or publicity, Bad Samaritan is one of the best movies currently in theaters. It’s a great opportunity to see an excellent film while Infinity War is still packed. It may not be a perfect movie but it is a lot of fun and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.


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