This UCF National Championship is Getting Out of Hand


As an AAC fan, as a fan of a great internet troll, you would think I would love this UCF National Championship thing. To be honest, I initially did love it. I loved the fact that UCF had the opportunity to troll Alabama and claim the national championship. Finally, the committee not inviting a G5 team seemed to bite them in the ass. However, the troll still continues nearly four months later and it is getting old.

For anyone somehow unaware of the current situation, Alabama won yet another national championship, yet in a very Renly Baratheon move, UCF just kind of claimed the national championship for themselves. Technically speaking, UCF was the only undefeated FBS team in 2017 and teams use to be able to just claim themselves national champions based on record. That is exactly the reason we have a playoff system now however. More importantly, UCF was not the first undefeated team to not be awarded the national championship. In 2006, Boise State went 13-0 with Chris Petersen, yet the one-loss Florida Gaters were crowned champions when they beat the Ohio State Buckeyes. In 2008 the undefeated Utah Utes were snubbed of a championship by Florida upsetting the Heisman winner, Sam Bradford, with Oklahoma. Although discussion emerged, you never saw Boise State or Utah with national champions memorabilia.


Although I thought it was initially hilarious for UCF fans to troll the hell out of Bama, it got out of hand quickly. Months after the actual national championship game, the UCF Football twitter page posted an image of a campus police car in a UCF National Championship wrap. I thought to myself, “wow, they are taking this troll to a whole new level. Good for them.” Sadly, I was very wrong. What came next was way to serious to be a troll.

If campus police cars weren’t enough, UCF took it a step further and did an actual unveiling of their 2017 National Championship banner at their stadium. The very stadium they couldn’t sell half of the year prior. At lest you have to respect the balls on this program for pulling this off but you also have to wonder, “are they actually being serious.” UCF is like that weird kid from school that you hung around for a few laughs. Until the day he was suspended and you thought, maybe your parents were right to warn you about how weird he actually was the whole time. As if the stadium banner wasn’t bad enough, UCF pulled one of the saddest moves I have ever personally witness in college football.


That’s right, UCF actually ordered national championship rings. If that doesn’t make you cringe then I don’t know what else would. The worst part is I hate seeing Alabama win a national championship. Who wants to see Saban win yet another one? I was fully in support of a Georgia upset. I was in full support of this UCF national championship thing three months ago. It has just gotten too sad to be part of at this point. They even posted a video of their players receiving their rings.

It’s hard to tell if he is genuinely excited about the ring but either way you can’t help but feel sad and awkward. He even says in the video:

“We working for another one of these. Now seeing this, that’s motivation right there. We got to get another one of these.”

I’m truly not trying to be a dick but another one of what? Another fake championship ring? Is it motivation to just order a ring at the end of the season regardless of what happens? Like I said, I am a fan of the AAC and I love a G5 team proving they can compete with the best of the P5. I also support official titles and not being able to just give yourself whatever title you feel fits best. I write blogs in my free time and for an occupation, that does not make me a novelist.  I am not going to start calling myself a novelist because I feel I deserve to be called one. It may suck but UCF never played in the national championship, therefor they are not the national champions.

Regardless of how sad and awkward this has become, I fully support the expansion of the playoff system. I know a lot of people discuss moving to an eight-team playoff but I don’t think that is even necessary. We could expand to six teams; the champions of each P5 conference and a G5 wild card. No committee bias necessary. Until then however, UCF needs to chill out. Thankfully, a new college football video game is expected to come out in 2020 so at least UCF can claim a real national championship in that make believe world. Keep your heads up Knights and drop this joke. Focus on trying to repeat your actual accomplishments.


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2 Comments on “This UCF National Championship is Getting Out of Hand”

  1. You just adding to the fire….thanks. And other power6 schools with thank UCF in coming years as well for shaking up CFP cartel. It may not break now…but the foundation has been loosened a bit

    And….all within the rules as defined by NCAA

    We acknowledge that Alabama won the CFP invitational and was ranked #1 in all Major Selectoes (except CM) — making them the consensus National Champion.

    But that same process has a loophole that since one major Selector (CM) did pick UCF as #1 we have Legitimate right to claim if we so choose…this we do claim the NC

    Also….precedent in NCAA FBS/Division IA has long been established with claimed Titles (see Alabama 1934 and 1941; Ohio State 1970; OKST 1945, TAMU and more)

    Case closed 2018 season is upon us

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