Week 1 Games to Watch: Sunday, September 3 | Texas A&M vs UCLA


A&M is coming off a 2016 season that we are all used to seeing after the loss of Manziel, lots of early wins to increase their ranking and failing to preform later in the SEC West part of the schedule. Due to this continued disappointment since joining the SEC in 2012, this is Sumlin’s do-or-die season. Even with Johnny Football attending A&M (or Blinn, or whatever online community college the NCAA allowed), the Aggies could never make it past big-brother Bama, or LSU for that matter. Yet again, the questions for the Aggies is, “who the hell is gunna be QB?” Unless Sumlin choses to start a freshman, the best option appear to be senior Jake Hubenak. Although he doesn’t appear to be their next savior, he did surpass Cam Newton’s passing yards and TD records at Blinn. If Sumlin has one more five loss season, the once presumed QB guru coach is done, which means he will have to shut down that talk early.

After an over-time 24-31 loss to A&M last year, UCLA will be eagerly seeking revenge. Returning the highly ranked junior QB, Josh Rosen, after a 2016 season injury, the Bruins plan on making a statement in the Pac-12 South which could start with an early win over the Aggies. A large coaching change, that usually seems unstable in its first year, could prove more valuable for the Bruins as a chance to improve their weak offensive line and a new OC that is QB minded. Although Rosen apparently hates the idea of being a college student and athlete, he has proven to be a smart QB. After suffering some serious losses defensively, DC Tom Bradley, has been recruiting well enough to at least compete in terms of the Pac, for whatever thats worth.

Final Take

This game could further the border-line obsession that all the sports writers appear to have for Josh Rosen or give A&M another undeserved jump in early season rankings. Regardless of the outcome, sports journalist will be jumping to conclusions way to early.

Honorable Mention

West Virginia vs Virginia Tech

To be fair, this was the only other game on this day. Virginia Tech looks for another competitive year in the ACC Coastal, which means about as much as the MWC, while West Virginia will contend as a middle tier Big 12 team after losing practically all of their 2016 talent. Will this game be great? Probably not, but it’s a college football game that will be on TV. Sadly, I would offer just about anything to watch even this game right about now.


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