Week 1 Games to Watch: Monday, September 4 | Tennessee vs Georgia Tech


Tennessee appears to be a potential SEC East championship team this year, or at least that’s what every sports writer has been telling us. After a somewhat impressive 9-4 season last year, finishing 2nd in the East (essentially the runner-up to the team that has the honor of being Bama’s last sacrificial SEC win of the season), pretty much anything over 7 wins is impressive for UT at this point. ESPN’s FPI win probability has the Vols at a 7.9 winning percentage and a whopping 3.7 percent of winning the conference. UGA has an 8.4 percent chance at the conference and Florida sits at 7.9. That means that although Tennessee has less of a chance of winning the SEC than someone dying from a lightning strike, they have about a good a chance as anyone else in the East.

Georgia Tech, the perennial mediocre ACC potential upset team. The Ramblin Wreck currently holds the first and last Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate wins against in-state rival UGA, yet manage to wreck any chance they have at an ACC title every single year, regardless of how close they come. The Yellow Jackets are only preseason ranked thirteen sports behind Tennessee at 39. Although they will be experimenting with a new QB, Tech should be able to successfully run the ball as they always do with a lot of returning talent at the O-line and running backs which should have a fun day against the weak Tennessee run-defense.

Final Take

This game will determine if either, both, or neither new QB has what it takes to create a threat to their divisions in each team’s strong conference.

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