The Mike Leach Raccoon Story is a sign, College Football is Officially Back


On Tuesday, April 10, Mike Leach told a story about tacking a raccoon during an interview after a Washington State spring practice. In that very moment of the Mike Leach raccoon story, the college football season officially began.

I don’t think anyone is surprised anymore at what comes out of Mike Leach’s mouth. He has solidified himself as a complete weirdo and everyone loves him for it. At this point, the press baits these types of questions out of Leach, expecting to create an interesting story. Every obscure answer he gives is at least more entertaining than the Cougars football program.


During the interview, one reporter asked the ridiculous question, “What’s the weirdest animal you’ve seen on one of your walks?” Obviously this question has some context to it, as Leach had previously mentioned seeing animals while walking around but could you image someone asking Saban a question like this? Not only would that reporter be banned for life but they would likely never be seen again. As we discussed in the podcast, although both share a dry demeanor, they are two very different people.

Leach chose to dive into the question like Greg Louganis in the ‘88 Summer Olympics; as if he was happy someone finally asked him this question. He spent nearly two minutes talking about a time he tracked a raccoon for half of a mile through the snow into the backyard of what we can only assume to be a total stranger’s house. He also made sure to mention that he has seen hawks, owls, foxes and even a coyote as well.

Unsurprisingly, this was not the first time Leach has publicly discussed his affinity for raccoons. In a Players’ Tribune article from December, Leach tells a story of his childhood being accompanied by a pet raccoon, Bilbo Baggins. He went on to explain how intelligent and great raccoons are for pets and detail fond childhood memories with his loving pet. He even ends the nearly 600 word story in saying goodbye to Bilbo Baggins.

“When I was a kid I had a pet raccoon. I really liked raccoons — still do… I named my pet raccoon after one of my favorite book characters, Bilbo Baggins. We got Bilbo when I was pretty young.”

If you think this story sounds more like a children’s book than someone’s actual life, then you haven’t heard of Mike Leach. These types of absurd stories are what we have come to expect and love about the coach. Now that Mike Leach is back in the news for having an insane story about tracking a raccoon, it is safe to say; college football is officially back.

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