Major Draft Problem of Josh Rosen


The NFL draft is two weeks away, which means the media needs some more obscure narratives to create ad space. Thankfully, there are usually a few athletes that will essentially do the job for them. If you listened to this week’s podcast, you know about the discussion of why general managers may be avoiding and the major draft problem of Josh Rosen. He is blunt, appears intelligent and speaks his mind. Essentially, he doesn’t fit the “Captain America” mold, teams are looking for. Rather, he is more of a Tony Stark. Assuming you saw Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark is a douche bag and Captain America fights for the people.

While this argument seems like it may have some validity, there is something else. There is some feeling you get with Josh Rosen. Personally, I feel the main issue as to why general managers may avoid Rosen in this year’s draft that no one wants to talk about but everyone is thinking, is the fact that he looks like a bird.

“For hundreds of years birds have been seen as a sign of bad fortune, sickness, and death. Specifically for their impressive intelligence, ravens have been written as tricksters, thieves, and deceivers.”

It may come as a surprise but the fear of birds is actually quite common in America. According to some smart person’s research at Penn State, the fear of birds, or ornithophobia, affects over 3 million people in the US. It ranked as the 16th most common phobia in America, above the fear of crowds, intimacy, and even needles.  There is a reason bird hunting is so popular; any chance for an American to shoot a smug bird in the face. Obviously I’m not suggesting anyone should harm Josh Rosen, he is clearly not a bird. The fact that he resembles one however is off-putting. You know who else looks like a bird? Adrien Brody, and that dude is creepy as hell.


Maybe I am going out on a limb here but I think the disdain for Josh Rosen is much more psychological than just him reading books. Obviously his intelligence can come across as a little smug, especially because he’s from California, but the fact that he looks like a bird just makes it so much worse. I am willing to bet if he doesn’t get drafted high, the media will continue the narrative that it is all because he is to smart and answers questions a little different than what they want. I just hope the Chairgatin’ Nation is intelligent enough to see right through that fake news. Wake up America, we hate birds and people that look like them.



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