College Football Weekly Picks: Week 0 Picks


As discussed in episode 11 of our podcast, this is week 0 of our college football picks. If you haven’t listened to the episode, here’s the format we’ll be following the rest of the college football season:

Each Monday going forward I will post a blog with that weeks pick em games as well as results from the previous weekend. Each Thursday I will post another blog with our picks and some brief commentary on those selections. We’ll also discuss a few of the games on the podcast each week.

Only games with a spread less than a touchdown (give or take a few points if it’s an intriguing matchup) will be selected as pick em games. This criteria usually yields around 15-20 games per week. More importantly, it leaves us with a diverse set of games that doesn’t only include powerhouse teams.

This week is a little funky. Given the extremely limited amount of games played this Saturday, only two games fit my selection criteria – Oregon St. at Colorado St. and Hawaii at UMass. Rattlesnake wrote a decent blog previewing the matchup between the Beavers and Rams a few weeks ago. Sad that he has to copy my pick on the game. Probably more of that to come…

Without further ado, our Chairgatin week 0 picks.


Note: Picks are not made against the spread, just included them for reference. All spreads are from Bovada.

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