College Football Week 1 Updates: Thursday, August 31 – Friday, September 1


As the first two days of the 2017 season of college football conclude only one thing is certain, I’m clearly a genius.


Although my associate J called for an absurd upset alert of Indiana beating Ohio State on Thursday, the Buckeyes unsurprisingly defeated the Hoosiers 49-21. The victory did not come easy however, as the Hoosiers were up 14-13 going into half. Indiana WR, Simmie Cobbs Jr., quickly set a high tempo with six catches for 94 yards on their first two touchdown drives. The Buckeyes made a very simple and obvious second half adjustment of double-teaming Simmie, which practically shut down the Hoosier offense entirely. Indiana may be a better Big Ten team than expected but clearly not a conference contender yet.


My Thursday must-watch game turned out to be a bust as Oklahoma State trampled over Tulsa. I have been unapologetically hyping up the Golden Hurricane for a while now and was pretty disappointed with their season opener. The Tulsa defense was very underwhelming as the Cowboys took a 38-17 lead going into half. Tulsa managed to score only three TDs and one as a result of a fumble recovery in the end zone. I still think Tulsa can be a competitive team this year but clearly Mason Rudolph opened the season with a Heisman showcase, defeating Tulsa 59-24. Still waiting for that week 1 G5 upset though.

While I may have over-stated the entertainment level of the OK State Tulsa game, I did not predict the outcome. I did however, pick Colorado to defeat Colorado State in our Week 1 picks during our podcast. Once again, I showed my superior football knowledge as the Buffs defeated the Rams 17-3. J, admittedly, overhyped Colorado State’s abilities a bit early based on their solid win over Oregon State. As I mentioned in this week’s Episode 12 however, Colorado is no Oregon State. The Rams took advantage of a very weak Pac team’s mistakes that the Buffs would not allow. This is not to say that Colorado State will not be a competitive team in the Mountain West, they are just no match for a superior Pac team like Colorado.


Me and J were both correct on picking Boston College over Northern Illinois as they snuck by with a 23-20 win. Wisconsin is apparently not as bad as we all hoped during a 10-10 tie game going into half against Utah State as they TKO’d the Aggies with a 59-10 finale score. Arizona State proved their defense really is that bad with a close 37-31 win over FBS powerhouse, New Mexico State. My beloved American Athletic Conference is currently 6-1 in the first week, with it’s only loss to a top 10 team but unfortunately is left with Temple playing Notre Dame tomorrow. So far, J is 1-1 in Week 1 picks and I am sitting pretty at 2-0, just waiting to further prove my superior knowledge with that App State upset over UGA.


Tomorrow I will be sideline reporting the Texas State vs Houston Baptist University game in San Marcos. The Bobcats set to prove all the preseason rankings wrong against the only Houston school playing after Hurricane Harvey. That’s right, Chairgatin’ has media credentials. Get ready, 2017 is gonna be HUGE.


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