Week 1 Games to Watch: Saturday, September 2 | BYU vs LSU


Not only do they believe that Joseph Smith was told prophesies by God through a hat and have the happiest families in America, the Mormons are also pretty damn good at football. Since 2010, BYU has accomplished success as an independent team facing much tougher opponents than the Mountain West had to offer. Kalani Sitake (enjoy pronouncing that correctly) took over the program last year and only lost four games to Utah, UCLA, West Virginia and Boise State by a combined eight points. Although BYU lost their bread and butter QB Taysom Hill, their highly ranked Tanner Mangum looks to successfully takeover the position and help running back Jamaal Williams have a breakout year. With another tough schedule planned for 2017, LSU is the perfect opportunity to start the season as a potential New Year’s Bowl team.

In 2016, LSU preformed similar to what we are all use to, a good team that can’t win the SEC West (to be fair, essentially no school could win that division). Without Les Miles however, LSU’s expectations are still up in the air. Louisiana native, Ed Orgeron, gladly accepted the HC position in Baton Rouge that Tom Herman also accepted and later turned down. Although they have a new Cajun coach that makes Lou Holtz sound like a politician, the Tigers were preseason ranked No. 12 by CBS Sports. ESPN also performed a win probability for every game and projected LSU to win nine games and a greater than 50 percent chance of winning the games they were projected to lose. With a perfectly-SEC weak non-conference schedule for 2017, LSU is hoping to make another run at the SEC West and are projected a 90.4 percent win probability over BYU.

Final Take

One of two things will happen with this game, LSU will start with a strong win and make a statement that Coach O is the real deal or BYU will claim an early spot as a NY Bowl favorite, shocking the nation once again by proving, arguably, the whitest religion on earth is somehow good at football.

Honorable Mention

Appalachian State at Georgia

I chose not to talk about Bama vs FSU because what other insightful information can I present that hasn’t already been a headline twice. Instead, App State, the team known for their P5 upsets, might just pull off what they almost did last year in Knoxville. UGA is looking fairly strong in 2017 but so are the Mountaineers. Look out for a huge week-one SEC upset.

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