2018 Top 10 QB Draft Picks Marvel Comparisons


Sam Darnold – USC: Thor


While others like Iron Man or the Hulk seem to surround themselves with drama, all Thor bothers with is getting the job done. No matter who he is up against, he always seems to put on a show. Even when the chips seem to be stacked against him, he manages to come in clutch and constantly strives to conquer his opponents. Regardless of his style, he is a physically gifted specimen with a strong arm.

Josh Allen – Wyoming: Captain America

The ultimate American. While the other characters seem to constantly attract attention through drama, the only drama this guy brings is staying humble and doing what he thinks is right. Matched up against some of the abilities others have, he doesn’t seem like he should be as powerful, yet he always finds himself among the best of the best and is widely loved for it.

Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma: Bruce Banner/Hulk


This character is known for his duel personalities. On one side, Brace Banner is a mild mannered, likable guy that seems to constantly have to apologize for his other half. Hulk however, is a constant tornado of mayhem with no remorse. While the Hulk brings drama, Bruce’s character reminds us why he is so liked. Like him or love him, you have to respect and fear the force he truly is.

Josh Rosen – UCLA: Iron Man

Tony Stark is a smart and witty guy that speaks his mind, regardless of if people will like him for it. Although what he says irritates a lot of people, he has continued to prove his intelligence and abilities as a leader and savior in dire times. Even when surrounded in controversy, Iron Man is a game changer in any bad situation.

Lamar Jackson – Louisville: Spider-Man


Peter Parker is a character that has long been considered one of the best among the others. He’s a duel threat hero that is strong but also freakishly agile and quick. Unfortunately, we have all seen him in some pretty terrible stuff too many times to currently rank him as the best. While his journey has seen the most extreme ups and downs, we can never forget one of the most popular characters and deep-down expect to see the greatness we remember he is able to deliver.

Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma State: Winter Soldier

Here’s a guy that is regularly overlooked by characters like Captain America and Iron Man. Regardless of how underrated he may be, every time we see this character in action, he proves his worth. With 10 yards an average and leading the season in passing yards, the dude truly has a machine for an arm.

Luke Falk – Washington State: Ant-Man


It can be easy to forget about the little guy. While most others on this list constantly make national headlines for their accomplishments, Ant-Man seems to stay out of the spotlight. Regardless of that fact, he continues to do big things and finishing the season second in total completions is a pretty big thing. Even if he’s not the biggest name on the list, he knowns how to get the job done.

Riley Ferguson – Memphis: Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye is an interesting addition to this list of super heroes. When compared to the other heavy-hitters, he doesn’t seem to really have any special super powers. What he does have however, is a good eye. With 4,257 yards, 9 an average, 89 long and only 9 interceptions on the year, it seems a bit more reasonable to add him to the list, regardless of popularity.

Mike White – Western Kentucky: Vision


Where he comes from or what he offers is still a bit of a confusion for a lot of everyday fans. The little we do know about him however is that he is extremely powerful and seems to be vaguely brought up a lot in discussion, regardless of popularity. 4,177 total yards, 93 long, only 8 interceptions and leading the season in completion, this character is an overlooked powerhouse that may surprise a lot of people in how important he becomes in the future.

Logan Woodside – Toledo: Black Panther

A new face among these super heroes that has quickly proven to be just as powerful. Although he was introduced to the scene in a small way, he has grown to become a much more common name, regardless of being from a place not as commonly talk about. With his well-rounded abilities and an incredible 2017 season, he ended up ranked 8th in QB ratings and poses as a real threat to this list of heavy-hitters.


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