The College Football Playoff Hates the G5


As we quickly approach the fourth installment of the perfectly orchestrated college football playoff system, it becomes increasingly more apparent that there is no hope for a G5 school to obtain a spot. As a football fan and notorious internet white knight of social justice, this type of inequality and elitist exclusivity is blatantly offensive and should no longer be tolerated. I may not be the first one to question this problem but it’s time the college football internet trolls band together and demand satisfaction. Thankfully, I have taken it upon myself to devise a few solutions, none of which are as simple as expanding the current system. I warn you, although genius, what you are about to read is a pretty terrible idea. Here is the explanation and solution for why the college football playoff hates the G5. Enjoy.

Option 1 – G5-only Bowls

Far too long have the G5 brethren been taken advantage of. Our perceived inferior resources and fan support have been used as fillers for bowl games to allow more P5 schools a chance at a post-season game. Although we have been graced with the opportunity to participate in a single New Year’s Bowl, the G5 only bowl games have been thrown to the back burner.

I propose the G5 conferences take a stand against this grave injustice by rejecting those bowl offers. Instead, the best teams from the G5 play against each other in our own bowl serious. Here’s how it would work.

(1) AAC vs (1) MWC – Hawai’i Bowl, Honolulu, HI. Dec. 24
(2) AAC vs (1) CUSA – Dollar General Bowl, Mobile, AL. Dec. 23
(2) MWC vs (1) MAC – Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Boise, ID. Dec. 22
(3) AAC/(3) MWC vs (1) Sunbelt – Bad Boy Mowers, St. Petersburg, FL. Bowl Dec. 21
(3) AAC/(3) MWC vs (2) CUSA – Frisco Bowl, Frisco, TX. Dec. 20
(4) AAC vs (2) MAC Boca Raton Bowl, Boca Raton, FL. Dec. 19
(4) MWC vs (2) Sunbelt – Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Albuquerque, NM. Dec. 16

With this system, the G5 is able to completely take over the “less desirable” bowl games. By playing in mid-December rather than the end, the G5 bowls wouldn’t have to compete for viewership against the New Year’s Bowls or the playoffs. If the season were to end today, this is what the bowl system would look like:

Hawai’i Bowl – UCF vs Boise State
Dollar General Bowl – USF vs FAU
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – Fresno State vs Ohio
Bad Boy Mowers Bowl – Memphis vs Troy
Frisco Bowl – Wyoming vs UNT
Boca Raton Bowl – Houston vs Toledo
New Mexico Bowl – SDSU vs Georgia State

Like most bowl games, these seven games are throughout the south to cover a wide area with warmer weather. The New Mexico Bowl hosts a Mountain West team to ensure at least one close fan base. The Boca Raton Bowl hosts an AAC and MAC team to ensure a southern or eastern team for close proximity to Florida. The Frisco Bowl is in Texas and hosts either an AAC or CUSA team which almost ensures a Texas school. The Bad Boy Bowl hosts an AAC or Sunbelt team for Florida, Dollar General Bowl with AAC and CUSA for Alabama, and a MWC team for a school as close as possible to Idaho for the Potato Bowl. Although the last bowl game is in Hawaii, it is against the two best G5 teams which will offer the best chance of a high attendance. If this excellent option doesn’t suit you, fear not, I have a more ridiculous solution.