College Football Elite Eight 2018: Basketball Comparison


This year’s March Madness has definitely been a crazy one. Virginia getting upset in round one to a school no one has heard of, Michigan beating Houston in the most ridiculous buzzer beater. It’s hard to decide what the craziest story this year is but regardless, this Elite Eight has some ridiculous matchups. Forget the seeds, if we just look at the rankings of these teams at the end of the regular season the average ranking is 19. As we discussed in the podcast, we thought it would be fun to breakdown these matchups with their football counter parts of the same ranking for the college football elite eight of 2018.

Using the Massey Ratings for the end of each sports regular season, we have compiled the info to show you what this Elite Eight would look like in the football season. If the NCAA actually listened to what the people wanted, this is how insane the eight-team playoff would look like this year. This representation is here to show you just how insane this March Madness has been.

South Carolina vs Houston
#36 Kansas State vs #46 Loyola-Chicago

USF vs Notre Dame
#34 Florida State vs #10 Michigan

Georgia vs TCU
#2 Villanova vs #14 Texas Tech

Auburn vs Ohio State
#8 Kansas vs #3 Duke


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