The Best Sports to Watch During a Sports Lull Weekend: Valentine’s Special


As I listened to one of my many weekly podcasts on my way to work, the boys at Barstool’s Pardon My Take happened to mention the current lull in sports. They were referring to this weird time for sports lovers after the Super Bowl and before March Madness. It comes every year and it seems like a bit of a drag for a lot of people. Football is finally over while basketball and hockey have yet to start their playoffs. Let’s be honest, as great as those two sports are, a majority of people tend to only pay attention to either during the playoffs. With today being Valentine’s Day, I saw no better way to show my love and affection towards my fiancé than by writing a blog about the best sports to watch during a sports lull weekend. You may be pleasantly surprised with some of the great sports options to watch this weekend.




First off, huge news, college baseball is officially back. This alone should end the “sports lull” argument but I understand it’s not the most watched sport. I don’t blame this on sports fans or even baseball fans in general. Instead, I blame the media outlets for ignoring this gem. As I have previously stated on numerous occasions, college baseball is the most criminally underappreciated sport in the world. That being said, I understand the first weekend of college baseball doesn’t always offer the best games. It also isn’t always the easiest thing to find on TV. Since I’m such a generous guy, I have taken the time to list some great games, times, and where you can watch great games. If you’re an uneducated communist that gets triggered by enjoyment then college baseball probably isn’t really your thing but fear not, you have another Friday option. Barstool is back with another edition of Rough N’ Rowdy – Valentine’s Day Massacre. The Pay-Per-View stream is currently on sale for $9.99 but will increase to $15.99 the day of the fight. If you were one of the lucky ones that managed to watch the fight for free in December, Dave El Pres Portnoy, has vowed to have fixed that fortunate problem so you might actually have to pay this time. If you still have complaints about not having any sports to watch this weekend then go out on Friday, pretend you have some friends and continue scrolling down for what to watch on Saturday because I’m not done. 

Seton Hall v NC State – ACC network 2:00 PM
Xavier v Florida State – ACC network 3:00 PM
Duke v Vanderbilt – SEC network 4:00 PM
Louisiana v Texas – Longhorn Network 6:30 PM
Rough N’ Rowdy – PPV stream $9.99($15.99 day of) 7:30




It may not be quite March yet but that doesn’t mean you should be ignoring some of the great college basketball games this weekend. I have listed the best games for each time slot throughout the entire day and where to watch them, so there is no excuse. You can spend your entire day watching college basketball to intimidate everyone else in your office from filling out a bracket. No matter how much you watch however, you will inevitably look like an idiot when all of your picks are wrong, but that’s beside the point. The highlight of the day of course will be the #3 Villanova vs #4 Xavier. Don’t let that over-shadow other great games like West Virginia vs Kansas or UNC vs Louisville. If you want to spend over an hour hearing about how great Trae Young is as the Sooners take another loss to the longhorns, then by all means turn on the UT/OU game. If for any God forsaken reason you decide to wake up earlier than 11 am on a Saturday, you should try watching the Marquette vs Creighton game, if you can find whatever channel it’s on that is. Either way, you have no excuse for not having any good sports to watch this Saturday. If you happen to be one of those hardos that doesn’t like basketball and prefers to cheer for some soccer team you bought a jersey for last year of a city in Europe you’ve never been to, hopefully Sunday is more your style, but probably not.


SMU v UCF – ESPNU 11:00 AM
Texas v Oklahoma – ESPN 12:00 PM
Bama v Kentucky – CBS 2:00 PM
Villanova v Xavier – FOX 4:00 PM
West Virginia v Kansas – ESPN 6:00 PM 
UNC v Louisville – ESPN 8:15 PM
Oregon v UCLA – ESPN 10:15 PM




The very same weekend college baseball returns, NASCAR does as well. I am aware I’m probably in the minority for this generation with this opinion but I enjoy NASCAR. It offers Americans the best sporting experience possible and I can almost guarantee 90% of NASCAR critics have never attended or tailgated an event. The remaining 10% have never spent a weekend in Dega with me. Without the all-American sports-nirvana experience of waking up in the same clothes just to walk into a stadium that practically encourages bringing outside alcohol, I get it. NASCAR probably isn’t the most exciting thing to watch. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to replicate that type of atmosphere with it on TV. NASCAR’s new Daytona 500 promotion is a Daytona national holiday and it may not be terribly wrong. NASCAR returns with a season-opening race in Dayton, Florida the same week as Valentine’s Day. This is so American it probably deserves to be a national holiday. If you don’t like NASCAR, why not skip brunch with your girlfriend and her friends just this Sunday, get some food and lots of beer, invite over some guys you can consider friends and give it a try. Next thing you know you’ll be ordering a Miller Lite Keselowski shirt and talking about why Joey Logano is a bitch and Kyle Busch is a douche.


Daytona 500 – FOX 1:30 PM


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