College Baseball Regional Projections 2018


D1 baseball recently released their college baseball regional projections 2018 and things should get interesting.

In the Big 12, Texas Tech lost two back-to-back series to TCU and Texas as well as a midweek loss to Dallas Baptist which finally put them out of the top ten. The Longhorns are sitting just outside the top 15 and Oklahoma State is barely hanging on at 24 after losing two back-to-back series against Iowa and Baylor. The Big 12 is projected to have 5 teams total and 2 hosts, which is still great considering their lack of appearance in the rankings.

The Big Ten is representing a bit better than usual for the north with 5 teams in and 1 host, Minnesota, who is currently ranked 12. The PAC is relatively underwhelming with only 4 teams in and the 2 usual suspects from the west coast hosting, Stanford and Oregon State. With more teams projected to represent than the PAC and as many hosts as the Big Ten, the American is proving in yet another sport that the P6 statement might be more than just a marketing ploy. No. 22 Houston made a strong argument the past two weeks by sweeping No. 24 Wichita State and No. 7 ECU as well as taking two games of the series against No. 18 UConn. It’s somewhat surprising to see ECU not hosting but Raleigh could be a great opportunity to take advantage of being a two seed while UConn is projected to host for Northeastern and LSU.

Per Usual, the ACC and SEC dominate the projections. The ACC is projected to have 6 representatives and 4 hosts while the SEC has 11 and 5 hosts. NC State is having a remarkable season currently ranked No. 4 while the rest of the conference unsurprisingly continues to clean up the top half of the rankings. Teams such as No. 7 UNC, No. 8 Clemson, No. 10 Duke and No. 11 FSU. The SEC is equally represented with the No. 1 team, Florida, No. 5 Ole Miss, No. 6 Arkansas, No. 16 UGA, No. 19 Kentucky and No. 25 South Carolina. Here is the D1 college baseball regional projections broken down by conferences with more than 1 team represented:

Regional Representatives by Conference

SEC: 11 total, 5 hosts

ACC: 6 total, 4 hosts

Big 12: 5 total, 2 hosts

Big Ten: 5 total, 1 host

American: 5 total, 1 host

PAC 12: 4 total, 2 hosts

Atlantic Sun: 2 total, 1 host

C-USA: 2 total

Missouri Valley: 2 total


The south once again continues to dominate the regional landscape of college baseball. Texas however, appears to be having a disappointing year. While accustomed to two, sometimes even three, regional hosts, the Lone Star state is currently only projected one, in Lubbock. Florida is leading the way with three regional hosts with North Carolina just behind with two. The Midwest, who is usually lucky just to participate, is projected a host in Minnesota this year. Other than that, things seem to be business as usual in the world of college baseball. Here is D1 Baseball’s regional projections for 2018.

D1Baseball’s Projected Field of 64: May 9

GAINESVILLE                      NORWICH

1 Florida (1)                        1 UConn (16)

4 Hartford                           4 Yale

3 Florida Atlantic             3 LSU

2 Jacksonville                     2 Northeastern


STANFORD                          DELAND

1 Stanford (2)                    1 Stetson (15)

4 Wagner                             4 UNC Greensboro

3 San Diego State           3 Vanderbilt

2 Oklahoma                       2 UCF


CHAPEL HILL                       STILLWATER

1 North Carolina (3)         1 Oklahoma State (14)

4 North Carolina A&T     4 Oral Roberts

3 Iowa                                       3 Missouri State

2 Tennessee Tech               2 Kentucky


ATHENS                                RALEIGH

1 Georgia (4)                      1 NC State (13)

4 Campbell                          4 Davidson

3 Michigan                           3 St. John’s

2 Coastal Carolina           2 East Carolina


CORVALLIS                          AUBURN

1 Oregon State (5)           1 Auburn

4 Pepperdine                      4 Qunnipiac

3 Cal State Fullerton      3 Houston

2 Ohio State                        2 Southern Miss



1 Arkansas (6)                    1 Minnesota

4 Wright State                   4 Kent State

3 Dallas Baptist                 3 Louisville

2 Duke                                    2 Texas


CLEMSON                            TALLAHASSEE

1 Clemson (7)                    1 Florida State (10)

4 Navy                                   4 Sam Houston State

3 Indiana                              3 Mississippi State

2 South Carolina             2 South Florida


OXFORD                               LUBBOCK

1 Ole Miss (8)                     1 Texas Tech (9)

4 Jackson State                 4 Grand Canyon

3 Baylor                                 3 Arizona

2 UCLA                                   2 Texas A&M


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